It’s not just about any old military in any old country!  It’s about the United States of America and it’s Military!  We are not a Military state.  We are not a dictatorship with a military that uses it against its people!  We are the “land of the free and home of the brave” that  has a Military that has, does and will fight for the freedom of America to keep it free and safe!

This country’s government’s number one job is to keep us safe and that is the reason for our Military.  Throughout the ages our Military has gone to war for us to protect us, our Country’s people.

So many have died fighting for us.  They are HIGHLY honored!  They and their families have made the ultimate sacrifice.  So many have are disable for us.  They have lost limbs, eyes, emotional and mental well-being for us.  Some of our soldiers come home with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder – PTSD.  Many have committed suicide because of it.  We should not and NEVER hold going to war against a soldier and they should be able to come forward and get the help they need without judgment period!

Many of our soldiers are not only disabled but homeless.  We need to discuss this problem because it is a problem!  It must NOT be ignored.

Families and marriages have split up over what a soldier comes home with.  We could help them in these areas also.

All in all our troops and veterans who are now at war and have come home from war must be HONORED and that is what this site is all about.  I am a prayer warrior and pray night and day for our troops that they come home safe!  This is just another small but simple thing I wanted to do for our soldiers and Veterans.  I don’t have an exact plan but want to begin posting stories, thought, opinions of interest to honor our great Military, the greatest military in the greatest country on earth!

Thank you so much!

Wanda Gladwill a.k.a. Wandafay

Please Note:  My father John F. Scott was a World War II United States Marine.  He lived with PTSD his entire life and it affected our family.  He committed suicide in his fifties.   He would be honored to know that our brave men and women are still fighting for our great nation.  I dedicate this blog to him also!  He was a good husband to our mother and good father to us his children.  Although he was not perfect it’s where I first got my Patriotism!  Thank you Dad!!!


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