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Don’t forget our troops and Veterans!

It’s been pretty quiet military wise, but that’s when we as the Church need to NOT forget to continue to pray for them, the troops and Veterans! We must never forget who they are and what they do for America to keep us safe! Please pray for them every day and every time God puts them on your heart! Even in time of training they need our prayers for safety! Pray for Veterans also and their families! Continue to come against, pray, against suicide and pray for entire health including mental and physical health for their lives, families, marriages, jobs, careers and future! Thank you to all military and Veterans!

Prayer over our Military troops and Veterans

Dear God  *We lift up our troops and pray for another day of protection each and every day protect surround with your mighty angels, protecting blood of Jesus, heal those with PTSD, bless marriages and families, their provisions, and keep our military strong!  In the Mighty Name of Jesus!  Amen!

Memorial Day 2011

Today we honor those who died in the service of our country.  It is a solemn day.  I know many are out enjoying their families, barbecue, beaches and the sun especially here in Southern California in the San Diego area.  But all across America people are celebrating today Memorial Day, a day off, a day that you can just relax and have a good old time.  I don’t have a problem with all that.  We should enjoy each other, the good weather, God’s blessings.  Many of those families may be the very ones who defend our country or who also have lost loved ones in war or the service of our country.  And the ones who died, died for our freedom to enjoy our America.

I hope everyone no matter how they spend today, however, have at the top of their priority, heart and discussion, talking with their kids included, about why we have this day.  America needs to remember above all what THIS DAY-MEMORIAL DAY is all about and HONOR those who gave their all for us to be able to enjoy our living in America.

I wonder how many actually do know what today is all about.  I am serious because even though I grew up with a very patriotic father and one who served in World War II as a USMC, went to war and lost 30 close USMC brothers, they did not come home, my father did, he did not convey to us what Memorial Day was all about. But I know we had the barbecues and enjoyed family.  Maybe the pain of his loss in the Marines in WWII was just too painful to convey to us children the importance of the day.  I honestly just got it right in the recent years.  That is pretty pathetic.  I got Veterans Day and Memorial Day and Fourth of July all thrown pretty much in one basket of celebrating a “holiday”.  Of course I knew more that Fourth of July was Independence Day.

I don’t blame my father of course for not telling us more about Memorial Day.  How could I?  He lived with the memory of war and PTSD his entire life and then ended it at the age of 60 years old by taking his own life.  Yes he had brought the war home with him and no never got help.  Pride is as much a reason as any maybe but the lack of knowledge about Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is a huge reason.  The loss he endured must have been so much so that he may have just buried it and was incapable of talking too much about it.

So it is up to those of us who know what it’s really about to convey it every chance we get especially on this day!  I live with as much awareness every day that our soldiers are out there laying their lives on the line.  And as a prayer warrior for the troops I cannot ignore it!  Maybe that is why I love and appreciate them so much and to those who died I make it my life long priority to pray for the troops especially at a time of war.  The more we pray I figure the less loss of life on the battlefield.  And while they aren’t at war, while they are just in training they also need prayer.  Many soldier has died because of a freak accident in training.  And I have vivid memories of the Vietnam war and never heard anything about prayer for them back then.  That is a shame to the church…of which I was not a part of at the time.  But with knowledge comes responsibility.  It is now my responsibility to use what God gave us to protect not only our loved ones, but those who gave to battle for us in the physical realm-PRAY

Here in San Diego we are honored to be home to our United States Navy at Coronado and Marines at Camp Pendleton.  It’s an honor to live near them.  I also feel very safe.  But knowing that there is such a concentrated military in this area I also know it could potentially be a more vulnerable area to wanna be terrorists.  So prayer covers that too!

Today as we remember, not celebrate, honor….our fallen I just want to say to every one that if you didn’t know what this day is about that another post I am leaving with you is one written by a very good friend of mine.  His name if Mark Harvey a.k.a. Snooper.  He’s a great man and great patriotic American.  He fought in war, his son fought in war and he lost his dear brother in the Vietnam war.  Please read his version of Memorial day here on the Examiner at “I Remember”

Thank you for reading my post and leaving comments if you’re lead.  God bless you!  God bless our troops!  God bless America!  And today especially God bless the fallen and their families who gave the most!

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